Welcome to Kvasir Publishing

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Kvasir Publishing is a non-profit, open access publishing house.

Our objective is to provide free publishing options for researchers (professional and amateur), educators, and students in any country, and at any level of education. The key word there is free. We mean that in both senses of the word. We want to give academics the liberty to publish, and likewise there are no fees for this. There are no financial costs to the editors, authors, or readers. The only costs involved are the time and effort that authors (as well as editors, scientific committees, peer reviewers, and the myriad of other people who work behind the scenes) already put into conducting, writing up, and presenting their materials. The only thing that we ask in return is that all materials (books, journals, and others) published with Kvasir Publishing become freely available to the public from the moment that they are published.

It is our hope to bring together journal editors, research institutions, and individuals to work together under the collective umbrella of our shared goals of making academic and educational publications free to the public.