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Palaeoindian Archaeology

Call for Papers


We are pleased to announce that Palaeoindian Archaeology (PA) is currently accepting submissions for its 2019 issue. This issue will focus on the earliest settlement of northwestern South America. In this issue, we will investigate the cultural and biological diversity of the first humans groups to occupy Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and the Amazonian region. For this edition we will be accepting research articles presenting new or preliminary data, summary articles (including presentations of the history of research on specific topics), short reports, thesis abstracts as well as image galleries related to the subject. The deadline for submissions for this issue is November 15th, 2019. The issue as a whole will be published in December, but individual articles may be published before that, as soon as the submission and peer-review process is complete.

Palaeoindian Archaeology is a peer-reviewed and open access journal focused on the research of archaeological sites and assemblages associate with the earliest human groups throughout the Americas and related contexts, as well as the initial settlement of the Americas. Articles in PA are not restricted to any theories, methods or materials.

Volumes are published once a year, but individual articles are published online on an on-going basis throughout the year as they are peer-reviewed and accepted. At the moment, we are accepting articles in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

For article types and general guidelines, see the Authors Guidelines page ( and the Instrustions, Templates, and Downloads page (

Palaeoindian Archaeology is published online by Kvasir Publishing. All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5: General License. The journal and all articles are freely available to the general public in the spirit of open scholarship. There are no fees to download articles, nor are there any fees to submit, review or publish articles. As an electronic publication, we encourage authors to take advantage of the wide variety of media available in this format in addition to those available in the traditional paper format.

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Dr. Carlos Eduardo López Castaño

Palaeoindian Archaeology


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